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Being a subcontractor can be tricky. It can be a hard way to make a living because the scope of the work is defined by how many contracts are given to the lowest bidder based upon price. The contractor team who offers better service for more money almost never gets the contract. This means that every general contractor, subcontractor, and supplier must provide great service and exceptional quality to their customers.

As a subcontractor, you must wow contractors with your service and quality of work in order to get jobs. The bottom line is this: if you stand out, you’ll get hired.

Here are some ways that you and your subcontractor team can wow contractors and score as many jobs as possible!

Man the job

Always have enough help ready to take on the next job. If you’re understaffed, you won’t be able to take on as many jobs as you would like. If you’re always prepared, you won’t have to worry about this problem.

Having enough help shows that your team is developed and that you have been in the business for a while. So, strive to have a large team–don’t come off as an amateur to contractors.

Be well financed

All general contractors and subcontractors include payment procedures for the work they do. Make sure you have your payment procedure set up so that way you can pay your employees and have a set plan for how to earn and distribute money.

Contractors will be impressed by how well you handle money. It’s always a huge plus when a business knows what it’s doing when it comes to money. It will obvious that you are knowledgeable when you are able to explain where your money goes and what extras you spend it on.

Manage everything well

Make sure you have everything under control, especially the contract that both of you have signed. The most important thing you can do is to read the contract thoroughly. Don’t get so excited about a job that you forget to go over the fine details. Also, take the time to ask for changes in the contract if necessary. Lay out how you want the project managed if what the contract says doesn’t meet your expectations.

Contractors will be impressed if you make suggestions and edits. They will see that you’re not settling, and they will respect that.

Be active in your business

Average subcontractors wait for the general contractor’s manager to call them and inform them to start working on a project–don’t be average! Don’t wait. If you make some initial calls, it will be clear that you care about the job and that you are taking initiative. You’ll definitely stand out if you do this.

A pro-active subcontractor is on top of every aspect of a job if they have signed a contract. This should be you! Take care of getting materials early on, and stay in touch with project managers to see if they need anything extra or if anything changes. This will impress them and show them that you truly care about the project you have signed by working with them.

Ask questions

Ask contractors what they are looking for specifically. A contractor probably has a vision of what he or she wants done, and it’s important that you know about it. Take some time to understand what that vision is, and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as necessary. Contractors won’t be annoyed at questions, they will only be impressed. It takes a subcontractor who really cares to ask detailed questions.

Take care of the job site

Treat the job site like it’s your home. In your home, you don’t leave trash around and you don’t leave something unfinished. Keep this mindset when you’re at the job site. Don’t take something without asking and don’t damage other people’s work. When you take care of something, people will notice and will also take care of it. In this regard, make sure your team is taking care of the jobsite as well.

Help the contractor as much as possible

When you have a working relationship with someone, you always want to treat them with respect and help them as much as you possibly can. Take some time to go the extra mile for your contractor so he or she doesn’t have to. This extra help will be a huge deal and will go a long way.

For example, get the extra supplies without being asked if you know you’re going to need them eventually anyway. Clean up the job site every day so if the contractor visits, he or she doesn’t come to a huge mess. Call them to tell them how the job is going. Little things like this will make the contractor very happy!

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